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Steyn, M.D.

Practicing family physician, Hospital Medicine Doctor, Associate Professor, speaker, educator, Team Canada triathlete and health advocate.

Spending my career in the hospital looking after patients at the end of their disease, my patients often state; 


“I wish I had met you 10 years earlier.”

My goal with my wellness clinic and the online education I provide is to help people10 or 20 years before they would have been admitted to hospital, to avoid hospitalization altogether.

Meet Daniela

M.D. Practicing family physician, Hospital Medicine Doctor, Associate Professor, speaker, educator, and health advocate. 

Founder and director of Wellness MD Health Clinic and Education Academy. and the host of the Wellness MD podcast.

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My mission is to inspire and enable a generation to live their best possible life with optimal health, preventing disease through healthy lifestyle choices and using food as medicine to support longevity, energy, mental clarity, happiness, and wellbeing.​

With first-hand experience with the profound impact nutrition and lifestyle have on the lives of my patients, I've made it my mission to inform and educate people to avoid illness, heal from disease and improve longevity with lifestyle and natural foods.

Let's Talk About Weight Loss With Dr. Doriana Parkin

Let's Talk About Weight Loss With Dr. Doriana Parkin

What do you truly want in life? To be strong, healthy, and capable of not just caring for yourself but also for those around you, right? This week, I had an eye-opening conversation with the incredible Dr. Doriana Parkin. We discussed the essence of weight loss and its connection to self-care, debunking the myth that it's all about spa days and pampering (though those are lovely too). Dr. Doriana Parkin is a working mom of 3 and knows what it feels like to be overwhelmed & exhausted. To have no time for yourself. To be too busy to fit exercise into her day when juggling work, extracurricular activities, cooking and taking care of family members. She struggled with weight and body issues as a teen, dieting and hating how she looked until she realized that she needed to eat in a way that wasn't overly restrictive, and that her self worth wasn't related to her weight. We talked about two common misconceptions when it comes to weight loss. One is that weight loss starts in the gym. It doesn't, weight loss starts in the kitchen! The second is that in order to lose weight, you have to starve yourself. You don't! what you need to learn is how to eat more food volume for fewer calories. For 15 years in the medical field, Dr. Doriana counselled patients on how to make healthy decisions, and now she's focused on helping as many busy women as possible take back control of their lives and health. Her goal is to give women the empowerment they’ve been lacking so they feel confident making food choices, figuring out how to easily incorporate fitness and self-care into their daily life. Dr. Doriana can be found at drdoriana, on IG, Facebook, Linked In and TikTok Her website is Connect with Dr. Daniela Steyn: Website: Email: #SelfCareJourney #HealthyChoices #EmpowerWomen #StrongAndCapable #WellnessGoals #MindBodyBalance #FitnessMotivation #NutritionTips #BodyPositivity #HealthIsWealth #WeightLossMyths #KitchenOverGym #FoodVolume #BusyLifeBalance #WorkingMomLife #DailySelfCare #HolisticHealth #HealthyHabits #LifeBalance #StrongWomen #MindfulEating #WellnessJourney #FitnessForLife #BodyConfidence #DrDorianaInspires



Working through this course at my own pace helped me heal myself and landed me right back where I belong, home within myself, right from the comfort of it too."

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As a Wellness Doctor, mother and athlete, I always get questions on the best ways to eat, sleep and exercise for optimal health. While I am currently not accepting patients in to my practice at this time, I am excited to come alongside you on your journey of living your life to the fullest.


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I look forward to connecting with you soon.

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