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Dr. Steyn attended medical school at the University of Pretoria in South Africa and trained in Family Medicine in Canada. She is an Associate Clinical Professor at McMaster University in Family Medicine. She works at the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital where she treats patients with a variety of illnesses including Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Chronic Diseases, Autoimmune disorders and Mental Health diseases.


Dr. Steyn obtained further education through the Institute of Functional Medicine,  The Institute for Integrative Health, The Graduate Institute in Geneva, Switzerland, McGill University and Harvard University to enable her to combine Western Medicine with Holistic Healthcare to enable her patients to heal and experience the best possible outcome.


Dr. Daniela Steyn founded Wellness MD Health Clinic to make scientifically proven evidence-based medicine easily accessible to everyone, anywhere, available online.


Her mission is to tackle the rising crisis of chronic disease through life-changing personalized holistic medicine that enables clients to heal from the inside through food and lifestyle choices. 


Book Daniela to speak 

In the hospital, Dr. Daniela Steyn spends a lot of time teaching patients how the food they eat, lifestyle modifications (such as sleeping better, moving more, doing breathing exercises) and avoiding toxins such as chemicals, refined and processed foods and emotionally unhealthy habits can help them heal faster.


Her mission is to help people of all ages and wherever they are in their health journey live healthier, happier lives.


Her hope is to reach your audience in an approachable and practical way, helping to spread awareness and reach patients before they come to hospital, and hopefully, to avoid hospitalization and illness altogether.

To book Dr. Daniela Steyn for an interview or to speak at your event, please send an email to outlining the interview direction and all relevant event details and we’ll get back to you within 2-3 business days. 

Be a guest on The Wellness MD podcast

Step 1: Listen to previous episodes here

Step 2: email with your podcast pitch/idea and explain what you want to share with my audience. If we feel our values align and you're a good fit for the podcast we’ll get back to you to book an interview.

Step 3: We host talkshows in Oakville, ON where Dr.Daniela Steyn welcomes guests for in-person recordings. If you're not local to Ontario, your podcast episode will be recorded over zoom. 

Contribute and collaborate

At we have a passion for enabling clients to achieve optimal wellness of body, mind and soul. 


If you have an area of expertise to share with our audience, we want to hear from you! Email and tell us about the topic you would like to cover. Please include links to previous publications and samples of your work and  allow for 48 hours for my team to respond with an approval and publish date. 

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