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Dr. Daniela Steyn Dr. Steyn is a practicing family physician, Hospital Medicine Doctor, Associate Professor, speaker, educator, triathlete, and health advocate.


She is the founder and director of Wellness MD Health Clinic and Education Academy, the host of the Wellness MD podcast and shares her knowledge on YouTube.


Dr. Daniela Steyn has touched the lives of many people around the world. Her aim is to empower people to take control of their own health, address the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness.  She has first-hand experience with the profound impact nutrition and lifestyle have on the lives of her patients and has made it her mission to inform and educate people to avoid illness, heal from disease and improve longevity with lifestyle and natural foods. She lives with her husband, three children and dog in Oakville Ontario where they actively volunteer in their community and love exploring the outdoors.

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My Mission

My mission is to inspire and enable a generation to live their best possible life with optimal health preventing disease through healthy lifestyle choices, and using food as medicine to support longevity, energy, mental clarity, happiness, and wellbeing.

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My Vision

Hundreds of people have gone through her programs, including Recover from Burnout (available online here), Nutrition for the Female Triathlon Athlete (available online here), Get in Shape and Stay in Shape without dieting, Anti-Ageing Diet and How to beat cancer with anti-inflammatory foods. These programs combine the power of advanced nutrition, education and lifestyle improvements to help people reach their health goals.


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