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Dr. Daniela Steyn shares her WHOLE body Approach, enabling you to not only survive but Thrive Through Menopause. *Hardcover edition.


Pre-orders now open for Canada and USA Only. Books will ship after June 1st 2023. Email with your country in the subject line to be added to the release list for your specific country.

Thrive through Menopause

Pre-orders now open. Releasing June 1st 2023
  • Thrive Through Menopause bridges the gap between conventional and functional medicine. It gives an in-depth look at the most common health concerns encountered through menopause while providing a practical, WHOLE body approach that you can follow to take control of your own health to Thrive Through Menopause!

  • Free shipping Canada-wide on all pre-orders received before June 1st 2023.

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